Urban Outdoor – hype or lifestyle?

The conscious outdoor mindset, which has recently persisted, is no longer limited to living out in appropriate terrain. It is about much more. It is about connecting with nature. To experience this new awareness for the environment and this includes the desire to face the forces of nature in an urban environment. Walking the dog in the city with rain and the right outfit is quickly transformed into a high alpine adventure. Neurocinema. Desire.

By skillfully orchestrating this ultimate lifestyle in brand communication, the urban consumer buys a long-lost feeling of freedom and adventure. 40% of 25-45-year-olds still prefer the buying experience in stationary retail. Because for the consumer, emotional brand management and the associated or learned product characteristics round off the overall brand image to a kind of extrinsic reward in the sense of sensation seeking.

And those who do not seek, have simply not yet been reached. Because in addition to the rational purchase decision (performance, design, price), the emotions and needs of the target groups play an important role.

Only those who involve their target groups in the „brand“ experience at all touchpoints with communication tailored to their needs are relevant. Whether athletes, influencers or the inspiration around the desired feeling of life – the positive product characteristics must be linked to the right emotions.

Oh yes, they should be sustainable as well. The products, the promise and the experiences.